semi_leotax (semi_leotax) wrote,

I love how I start these, save a draft, then completely forget until weeks down the line when tell the computron that yes, I do in fact wish to restore from a saved draft, I am confronted with a single word:


In this particular case I ended up winning the expletive jackpot. I might possibly have those dreaded pig flus that are starting to drift out from the Labor Day crater that was PAX. I have felt achy and tired, and have a miserable dry cough all day. I am also pretty sure I am running a fever this very second. My brain is cooking up odd shapes as I speak, so at least I'm enjoying it. I feel odd thinking that this has a very high chance of being a specific pandemic-y-type-flu thing but all I'm going to bother doing is sit around a drink some tea.

I've said it a few times on the internet now, so apologies for any overlap, but still.
These pig flu's don't got nuthin' on me. I eat swine for breakfast.

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