semi_leotax (semi_leotax) wrote,

Once again I've neglected you all. Poor show. But some days the empty LJ expanse is pretty daunting. Plus I mostly get to look at you peoples at werk, so there's usually something I should be doing. I think some bullets are in order.

  • The night shift has been interesting. Not much more to be said. Sleeping until eleven, then strolling into work around three is pretty much the best thing ever. Not getting to go see people, and do things I want to do is pretty much the worst thing ever though.
  • Saturday I went with some cowerkers to an Improv show that one of them and their fiance were participating in. Good times as usual, but once again the ability to drink after 10 in Redmond is limited.
  • Sunday I did fuck all. And it was wonderful. Watched pretty good terrible movie called Outlander. I prefer calling it Aliens Vs. Vikings. Because that's basically what it was.
  • Monday was another cowerker's BBQ that involved seared meats, drinking, and heated discussions regarding star-trek. After this discussion they attempted to drunkenly hook me up with a friend that wasn't at the party. I'm not quite sure if this is a bad thing or not, but it was at least awkward.
  • Today I rode my bike to work, from Lake Hills area of Bellevue to Totem Lake area of Kirkland. About 10 miles each way. The first third of the ride was full of regret, but after I stopped for some water, it became significantly better. I am more than a little saddle-sore right now though. Not terribly fun, but I do want to keep this up.

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