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Yeah I've been terrible about keeping up with these. Frankly I'm going to blame twitter for making it harder to save up a reservoir of petulance to post.

This was week two of back to work, and I'm still wandering to work grinning, and leaving with a bit fat grin too. My first week my boss sent someone to the bar to finish the drinking they started during lunch. And then he came over to my desk and flat knocked every thing off it while cackling madly. That probably sounds like a horrible thing to you, but no, trust me, you must have something wrong with your ears.

However there is a slight bittersweet after-taste, as I had applied for unemployment the week before I was employed. Then I was denied the one unemployment check I absolutely needed. So I was flat broke until payday, which was also the same day rent was due, which means I have 35 dollars now until next week. Woo. Hoo. More the case attempting to figure how to balance gas, food, social engagements and boredom for this week with that much money. It suddenly occurs to me that I should attempt to be better with my money, but that's really easy to say when you don't actually have any, and much harder when you're making it hand over fist.

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